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The News Project, launched July 2019, has created a world-class suite of technology and tailored services to empower journalists, philanthropists, entrepreneurs and investors to launch high-impact news properties rapidly and operate them successfully. (Editorial director)

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Mobile-first guide to the arts for curious and savvy consumers in an on-demand world. It offers movie and TV recommendations, a listener’s guide to podcasts, and a newsletter, plus directories of arts venues in 25 American cities at poorstuart.com. An SRmedia original, launched November 2014.

artnet news artnet.com
Rapidly developed and launched editorial platform to publish daily news and commentary for the art world at artnet.com (With Bystander Media)

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Enabling paperless collaboration among writers, directors and actors in stage productions (Advisor)


Online news and blogging platform with automated newsletter system, delivering world news and analysis from a global perspective. (With Bystander Media)

Stu managed national video-on-demand operations at health video network HealthiNation, where he was Vice President for Multi-Platform Publishing from 2007-2011. HealthiNation was co-founded by Raj Amin and Tony Estrella with backing from Intel Capital and MK Partners. The company, named Media Brand of the Year for 2009, distributed short-form health and wellness videos on-demand to 32 million U.S. cable TV households, to 3 million viewers on the web, on connected TV services such as Roku, and in doctors’ offices and employee wellness portals. (Acquired 2021 by GoodRx)

mag rack cablevision rainbow media video on demand

Mag Rack & sportskool
As Vice President for New Media at Cablevision’s Rainbow Media (now AMC Networks) from 2001-2005, Stu was instrumental in development and launch of Mag Rack, one of cable TV’s first video-on-demand (VOD) channels. The channel delivered 250 short-form videos each month to passionate fans of motorcyles, photography, guitars and yoga, among other subjects, and reached more than 10 million TV households. Mag Rack was a national Emmy Award finalist in 2004 for “Outstanding Achievement in Interactive Television.”

ExpressNet from American Express
In 1994 for Ogilvy & Mather Interactive and American Express, Stu was a managing producer of the amex_expressnetExpressNet travel library on America Online–more than 50,000 searchable articles from Fodor’s and Frommer’s guidebooks and Travel & Leisure magazine. ExpressNet was named to “Best Online Destinations” by Home Office Computing magazine and a “4-Star Site” by NetGuide.

Baseball Manager
At Prodigy Services Company, a joint venture of CBS, Sears and IBM, Stu produced baseball manager fantasy baseballBaseball Manager, a fantasy baseball game (now operated by GameLine Sports) that collects and reformats real-life baseball statistics overnight to create imaginary game results for thousands of players. The New York Times review called it “so addictive … that thousands of otherwise normal people are willing to risk friendships, jobs and even marriages to pursue it.”

To syndicate custom healthcare information to employee desktops, Stu helped Martin Schneider develop a web publishing network that ultimately reached 40 corporate employee intranets, including WebMD, General Motors, Chevron and Lucent Technologies. (Acquired by ProAct Technologies Corp.)

News Corp/Delphi/MCI Internet Ventures
Stu served for a year as Vice President for Service Design at Rupert Murdoch’s would-be AOL-killer on the web

srmedia ivillage.com women's network
iVillage: The Women’s Network
Stu helped to establish an umbrella brand for a federation of women’s web sites (Consulting producer)

The New York Times Company
Stu served as features editor at Pulse, NYT’s first consumer online service in the pre-Internet days.

Real-time alerts for 8,200 NYSE, NASDAQ and AMEX stocks, delivered to smartphones (Executive producer)

The Washington Post
Stu produced one of the newspaper industry’s first online editions from the Post’s newsroom.