Pick of the podcasts: July 30

Put in your earbuds and tune in to this week’s selections…

Camp. For many of us, the word conjures up a picture of lazy summer days, happy memories and lifelong friendships. For others, not so much. In this story, a former camper remembers her home-away-from adventure with mixed emotions and life-changing effects.

Here, writer Meg Wolitzer recalls an unforgettable summer. (11 min)

Unless you are Clive Wearing, who, for the last 20 years, has had the most profound case of total amnesia ever recorded. However, in spite of being unable to retain any experience for more than a blink of an eye, Clive is able to fully recall two things: his love for his wife( although he often forgets her name and fails to recognize her) and the joy he feels when listening to music. How does this extraordinary case help us understand the roots and purpose of memory (perhaps also providing insight on ways to restore it)? And, more importantly, what does it tell us about what is truly lasting in our lives?

Noted neuroscientist Oliver Sacks weighs in on the function of the most primordial, oldest part of our brains. (17 min)

If you grew up in post-war America, chances are you equated the word “cheese” with some form of orange-y, sliced, pasteurized and processed “cheese food.” Now, everyone is exposed to hundreds of different variations on this popular, milk-based treat. But what if your overwhelming number of choices came down to just one? Cheddar vs.mozzarella?

Which would be your choice for “The Last Cheese on Earth?” (17 min)

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