Pick of the podcasts: August 13

This year is already one for the record books where the meeting of hungry sharks and unsuspecting humans is concerned. But, 1975 was significant as well. That summer, forty years ago, a 26-year-old director, a 25-foot electronic Great White, a perpetually drunk actor and his overly cocky co-star sailed together in a too-salty ocean. For awhile it looked like they were “gonna need a bigger boat.” But then came the addition of a swelling, over-the-top, musical score and lots of special effects. What did we get? Dum-dum-dum-dum….

Listen to outrageous stories behind the almost un-making of the megahit, “Jaws.” (34 min)

To the current controversy over sunscreen –does it cause cancer while protecting us from cancer– add the harmful bleaching of coral caused by the SPF worn by swimmers. Now, in an effort to save the environment (while saving our own skin), scientists are taking a look at the natural benefits of algae and polymers that coat the shells of shrimp and crabs.

Next question? “Does it come in a spray?” (2 min)

Remember Valley Girls (“OMG.” “He’s such a Baldwin.” “As if”)? Well, now meet Uptake and Vocal Fry ( a.k.a The Creak). Why are young women — and some young men– suddenly expressing everything from insecurity to irony in these unpleasant-to-the-ear ways? Can we blame the Kardashians?

Listen to an explanation of the sounds of millennial-speak (35 min)