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Pick of the podcasts: July 16


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(7.5 mins)

The rest of the world seems to be swirling around the contradictions, theories, lukewarm literary reviews and economic motives behind the recent publication of Harper Lee’s much-anticipated second novel, “Go Set a Watchman.”  But here, the folks of Monroeville, Alabama (Lee’s hometown fictionalized as Maycomb in her 1960 iconic book, “To Kill a Mockingbird”) weigh in on the legacy of their most famous– and famously reclusive– native daughter.


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(60 mins)

Envy. Gluttony. Greed. Lust. Pride. Sloth. Wrath.  Seems like a lot of the world’s religions, teachings and pop culture revolve around these seven, famously bad, human behaviors. But are these universal sins examples of people behaving badly or just acting naturally? And, how often — overtly or subtly — are we being fed parables of their destructiveness?
Just think about it. Was “Gilligan’s Island” a three-hour tour or a personification/cautionary tale of the Seven Deadly Sins?


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(10 mins)

The space race may be long over, but the world still gets excited about news from the outer universe. This week, after a nine year expedition, NASA’s New Horizons mission is sending back mounds of images and data from Pluto. Little did we know, though, that we only had to go to England to find out how the dwarf planet got its name.


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(106 mins)

She may be sixteen and beautiful, but Ringo Starr –- the guy who sang about her –- turned 75 last week. That means that those of us who grew up (in real time) with the Beatles must be getting older, too. Here is a meandering and eclectic collection of songs, stories, snippets from interviews, etc. from the Fab Four’s quirkiest and most-overlooked band member.

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