Internet trends 2019 from Mary Meeker

Among the conclusions from the annual report by veteran internet analyst Mary Meeker:

  • Worldwide growth of internet users has slowed to 6 percent (3.8 billion people) as most of the world is already online
  • Americans spend 6.3 hours a day online, up 7 percent, with most¬† growth coming from mobile and other connected devices
  • The internet will become more of a “cesspool” as getting rid of problematic content becomes more difficult
  • Privacy is a growing concern and a bigger selling point.¬†
  • Telemedicine and on-demand health consultations will grow as health care become more digitized.

See her presentation here (via ReCode)

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Podcasts, streaming music enabled in 2016 auto dashboards

Podcasts and streaming audio gain prominence on in-dash displays of connected cars from GM, Ford, Chrysler, Audi and Toyota “while AM/FM may be 3 or 4 clicks away,” notes Steven Goldstein in a blog post from CES. Apple CarPlay, Android Auto and custom systems from auto-makers are all battling for the connected driver who likely brings his/her own entertainment to the car via smartphone.