Mary Meeker’s internet trends

Mary Meeker internet trends

Veteran internet analyst Mary Meeker published Our New World in April 202o as the covid-19 pandemic gripped the world. In it she wrote:

None of what we are going through is comfortable, or fair. And while things will likely get worse before they get better, has America, perhaps, just gotten the wake-up call it needed to get to a better place?

Her last full annual report arrived in 2019. Among its conclusions:

  • Worldwide growth of internet users had slowed to 6 percent (3.8 billion people) as most of the world is already online
  • Americans spent 6.3 hours a day online, up 7 percent, with most¬† growth coming from mobile and other connected devices
  • The internet will become more of a “cesspool” as getting rid of problematic content becomes more difficult
  • Privacy is a growing concern and a bigger selling point.¬†
  • Telemedicine and on-demand health consultations will grow as health care become more digitized.

See her 2019 presentation here (via ReCode)