TV on demand takes the chill out of February

cabin fever on demand tvThe cure for cabin fever this frigid February, in households blessed with cable and/or high-speed internet, is not a prescription but a subscription: to the bounty of fine distractions dispensed via television on demand. This golden age of Netflix and cable on-demand lets you zap the winter chill with a few button presses or finger pokes to summon the next episode of “House of Cards” or “True Detectives,” to name only my favorites.

David Carr [NYTimes.com], who notes that a sudden abundance of quality programming has elevated the status of TV-watching even for people who used to prefer a book, magazine or movie, complains that he can barely keep up with all the excellent TV choices.

And happily, there’s more to come. In an overview of the future of tv [quartz.com] Zachary Seward traces how internet TV models are at last evolving to offer easier interfaces and personalized choices. Cabin fever? Give me more.

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