SRmedia Digital provides digital content expertise to publishers and content owners as they define their digital strategies.

Members of 2011 HealthiNation team (from left): Brendan Anderer, Scott Schappell, Stuart Rohrer, John Piccone, Holly Atkinson MD
HealthiNation network startup team (from left): Brendan Anderer, Scott Schappell, Stu Rohrer, John Piccone, Holly Atkinson MD

Stuart Rohrer Yale Entrepreneurial Institute Yale “OpTix” entrepreneurs and advisors (from left): Ugo DeBlasi, Debayan Gupta, Vela-Susan Park, Derrick Gomez, Jock Spivy, Stu Rohrer

Stu Rohrer Blouin NewsBlouinnews.com startup team, from left: Paul Maidment, Stu Rohrer, Homa Zaryouni, Lara Vergnaud, Alex Erquicia, Kellin Bliss

SRmedia Digital specializes in digital publications, with deep experience in digital-first original products, print/digital hybrids, and video on demand.

Founded in 2011, the company draws on the industry experience of its principal consultant, Stuart Rohrer, the producer of groundbreaking services at The Washington Post, The New York Times Company, Prodigy, Ogilvy & Mather Interactive, News Corp. and Cablevision’s Rainbow Media, among many others.

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Founder and executive producer Stu Rohrer began his career as an editor on the Style desk at The Washington Post, where he later produced the newspaper’s first online edition. That experience led to digital producer and executive roles over three decades at The New York Times Company, News Corp., and Cablevision as the digital revolution redefined newspapers, magazines and television. He founded SRmedia Digital in 2011.
Stu graduated from Yale College, where he was editor of The New Journal, and earned his M.B.A. at UCLA’s Anderson School of Management. He served as mentor at the Yale Entrepreneurial Institute, advisor to Informed Patients Institute, which tracks the quality of U.S. healthcare, and taught “Video on the Web” to TV majors at Montclair State University. He is publisher of Poor Stuart’s Guide, tracking the best arts and entertainment in an on-demand world, and author of the USA arts guide, Poor Stuart’s Passionate Spectator: Discovery guide for adventurous arts fans in America. He lives in Brooklyn, NY.