Smart content for connected audiences

SRmedia Digital provides digital content expertise to publishers and content owners as they define their digital strategies.

SRmedia Digital advises clients at key stages in the lifecycle of digital products:

  • Defining new products and services
  • Building proofs-of-concept and minimum viable products
  • Setting up efficient workflows, production systems and delivery pipelines
  • Launching products and reviewing performance to enhance them
  • Retooling products that underperform

The company was founded in 2011 by principal consultant Stuart Rohrer, digital content producer and product executive, who has launched pioneering online services at The Washington Post, The New York Times Company, News Corp., Cablevision’s Rainbow Media (now AMC Networks) and media startups including HealthiNation, the venture-backed video network recently acquired by GoodRx.

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Original properties

SRmedia Digital also develops and incubates original properties for passionate niche audiences in arts & entertainment, health care, online education and other consumer interests. Poor Stuart’s Guide, for lovers of movies, festivals and podcasts, is the latest example. We are always on the lookout for new partners and ideas, so get in touch!