SRmedia Digital Publishing advises publishers, editors and entrepreneurs as they make key decisions about content strategy, production and distribution.

The company helps clients launch and continuously improve new products with services like these:

Product Audits

Review the reporting data for your current products, collect missing information, and assess how well you are serving your audience.

  • Performance by device: smartphones, tablets, desktops, set-top boxes
  • Performance by audience channel: Search, social, direct and email channels
  • Metadata review: Effectiveness of titles, descriptions, categories, tags and keywords to promote visibility in search engines and searchable networks like YouTube
  • User engagement: Identify hurdles, roadblocks and sweet spots
  • Customer surveys: Gather additional feedback to learn directly from your audience
  • Product Development

    Product requirements, specs and roadmaps, evaluate vendors and editorial tools.

  • Define content strategy, unique strengths and vulnerabilities
  • Create quick prototypes for testing
  • Define web/mobile/app/channel requirements
  • Integrate on-demand video, audio and data
  • Optimize metadata including categories, tags and SEO keywords
  • Enhance content management systems and workflow
  • Content Operations and Measurement

    Launch quickly and improve products continuously; streamline operations and leverage best practices for distribution and reporting.

  • Version control for code and content
  • “Publish once” efficiency across multiple distribution platforms
  • Social media and newsletter operations
  • Analytics dashboards with KPIs for key managers
  • Automate content production where possible
  • Syndicate content through partners

  • Contact us for a proposal customized to your specific needs.